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How it works?

Crimson Storyteller helps you capture your story in a beautiful book with professional writers. Here are the complete steps on how it works.

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Publish Personal Tales

Publish Personal Tales

A Souvenir About You

Even if you are not a writer, you might still have a motivational tale to tell. Tell us about the experiences and events in your life that you wish to share with the world. Our writers will retain your memory and assist you in telling your narrative in the most persuasive way possible.

Celebrate a Dear One's Life

A Souvenir About Your Loved One's

All those amazing moments with a dear one, but not able to create a mesmerizing gift? Come to us with your memories and let us create a showcase in 12 meetups. We will help you gift them a BOOK about them from you!

How it works?

Your story. Our words.

We add professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail in your book


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Complete a simple form to let us know your precise requirements. Our team will then get in touch with you at a convenient time to take you through the process.

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Tell us about your requirement
Writer Selection

Writer Selection

Our team of in-house experts will go through your responses and will contact you. They will collect further information through a few follow-up questions. The team will then shortlist a storyteller writer to match your story requirements perfectly.



Based on your convenience, we will schedule in-depth interview sessions between your writer and you. This will help the writer learn more about your story and discuss your style preferences, the flow of the story, tone, and any other additional requirements. As the interviews proceed, it will help stitch together a story and your writer will then start with an initial draft and send it to you for review. Based on your feedback, the writer will then begin working on the text of your book. You will be continuously involved in the process and will have regular opportunities to review and provide feedback as the book progresses. We will make as many iterations as required till you're satisfied with the outcome.

Design and Pictures

Design and Pictures

Talk about design and photos and how will they be incorporated (Need to understand how will we execute this)


Professional Editing

Once the contents are in place, the book will go through multiple rounds of proofreading and will be edited by our experienced editors. This will help improve the overall flow by fixing any errors and ensuring that the writing is clear and effective.

Professional Editing
Book Delivery

Book Delivery

Once you are completely satisfied with the contents, and the look and feel of your very own book, we will email the soft copy and deliver the hardbound copy of your story to you.

TestimonialsYour stories,
Our writers

We work with the very best native English writers from the US, UK, Australia and others. To ensure high quality outputs, every single time. Let's keep the stories that matter alive. ⁠

New ReleaseShare your life story with loved ones

When you’re happy with your manuscript, complete with photographs and significant documents, it’s time for the third and final stage of producing your book.

Soon, copies of a beautifully bound, linen-covered, the hardback book will be delivered directly to you and the family and friends you’ve chosen to receive a ‘first edition’.

Finally, the excitement and pride of sharing your very own personal autobiography with your friends and family, now and forever.

What Kind of Books Can you Create?

Celebrate a life event

Perfect Wedding/ Anniversary gift

Record an achievement
A memento of your success
A memory to cherish forever

Preserve the memory of a loved one

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about how Storyteller works, you can visit the How it works page. If you are still unable to find the answers to your questions, you can use the contact link or fill out the free consultation form. Our team will reach out to you at the earliest and help you understand the Storyteller platform better.
The completion of your book will depend on various factors. Our team will understand the scope of your story (content length of the story, interviews required, etc), and provide an estimation of the book delivery. You can visit the Pricing page to view the different plans and their estimate delivery time.
Our team with understand the requirements of your story and will shortlist a writer based on your preferences.
The Storyteller writing process is based on your active involvement throughout the book writing process. Our writers and project management team will take your feedback and adjustments will be made accordingly. Afterall, it is your story!
The most important factor you need to consider while choosing a plan would be the length of your story among other factors. You can review the plans accordingly. We also provide custom plans if required. You can fill the inquiry form and opt for a free consultation with our experts.
To know more about the interview process, you can visit our How it works page. The writer of your story will conduct the interviews.
On the basis of the requirements of your story, our team will collaborate with you to schedule the interviews.
You can place a request for extra copies with our team. This will incur an additional cost.
There are multiple options available to get your book published. If requested, our team will be more than happy to guide you with the process
You own the full copyrights of your book. It is your story after all.

Immortalize a story. Immortalize a life

Our expert writers craft your story with care so it can be relived for generations