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Your Biography Can Motivate Millions

Your Whole Life From The Day You Were Born, To This Day Can Leave An Everlasting A Mark On People, All Your Past Can Be Put Into A Well Written Form!

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Publish Your Loved One’s Story!

A gorgeous, professionally published hardcover book records your loved one's favorite moments, funny stories, personal history, and life wisdom for generations to come.

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ElementaryTold with photos, supported with text

35,000 $1499
  • 30 pages
  • 2500 words
  • Writer telephonic interaction
  • Up to 30 photos
  • 1 harcover copy
  • Soft copy included
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CondensedA short but sweet memoir.

99,000 $1499
  • Up to 60 pages
  • 10,000 words
  • 3 hours of interview
  • Up to 20 photos
  • 5 hardcover copies
  • Soft copy included
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CustomizedCustomized book for every price range & occassion.

179,000 $2449
  • Customized pages
  • Customized words
  • Customized Interview
  • Customized photos
  • Customized Hardcover copies
  • Customized Soft copy included
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Your stories, Our writers

We work with the very best native English writers from the US, UK, Australia and others. to ensure high quality outputs, every single time. Let's keep the stories that matter alive.

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Storyteller - The Perfect Gift

How it Works?

Your story. Our words.

Choose Plan

Choose a storyteller plan that fits your requirements. If you have additional / specific requirements, we can create a custom plan just for you.

Writer Selection

We match you with a carefully hand-picked writer based on your requirements and location.


Your personal writer will engage with you in a round of interviews and will prepare initial drafts for you to review.

Book Delivery

Once you are satisfied with the written story, we will email the soft copy and deliver the hardbound copy of your story to you.

Our Pricing

Although you can't put a price on some things, you won't the cost to make your story immortal. Create your account or gift it to a loved one to make your journey an unforgettable one.

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Storyteller - The Perfect Gift

We have the art of writing an appealing Biography, all with creativity

Have you ever thought about preserving the stories a family member has shared over the years?

Your past, your stories, your efforts, your struggles, your failures, your experiences, your achievements, your memories – they altogether tell a story to the future generations and keep your legacy alive, long after you say GOODBYE to the world. Otherwise, everything we go through becomes nothing more than a spec of dust in the memories of our future descendants.

By reading their biographies you can get involved in their life experiences so, you might get inspiration and motivation. So Biography Writing is our Effort to motivate people to realize how their unique story full of thousands of experiences can give a good direction to those who somewhere might be going through similar situations as you went through in your time.

What Kind of Books Can you Create?

Celebrate a life event

Perfect Wedding/ Anniversary gift

Record an achievement
A memento of your success
A memory to cherish forever

Preserve the memory of a loved one

TestimonialsYour stories,
Our writers

We work with the very best native English writers from the US, UK, Australia and others. To ensure high quality outputs, every single time. Let's keep the stories that matter alive. ⁠

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about how Storyteller works, you can visit the How it works page. If you are still unable to find the answers to your questions, you can use the contact link or fill out the free consultation form. Our team will reach out to you at the earliest and help you understand the Storyteller platform better.
The completion of your book will depend on various factors. Our team will understand the scope of your story (content length of the story, interviews required, etc), and provide an estimation of the book delivery. You can visit the Pricing page to view the different plans and their estimate delivery time.
Our team with understand the requirements of your story and will shortlist a writer based on your preferences.
The Storyteller writing process is based on your active involvement throughout the book writing process. Our writers and project management team will take your feedback and adjustments will be made accordingly. Afterall, it is your story!
The most important factor you need to consider while choosing a plan would be the length of your story among other factors. You can review the plans accordingly. We also provide custom plans if required. You can fill the inquiry form and opt for a free consultation with our experts.
To know more about the interview process, you can visit our How it works page. The writer of your story will conduct the interviews.
On the basis of the requirements of your story, our team will collaborate with you to schedule the interviews.
You can place a request for extra copies with our team. This will incur an additional cost.
There are multiple options available to get your book published. If requested, our team will be more than happy to guide you with the process
You own the full copyrights of your book. It is your story after all.

Immortalize a story. Immortalize a life

Our expert writers craft your story with care so it can be relived for generations